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In order to ensure Nigeria has productive labor, the online freelance marketplace Terawork has educated content producers on healthy living choices.

Terawork is an all-in-one online freelancing marketplace where anyone, particularly business owners, can employ independent contractors or agencies that provide a range of professional services on demand as needs arise to complete their tasks.

In its initial iteration of the event tagged: #BeyondWork, the company stressed on health-conscious actions such as medical investigations, diagnoses, and consultations while speaking to a cross-section of top freelance professionals and experts about the future of work.

A warm-up session with Nigerian vocalist and dancer Yinka Davies was also a part of the event.

Femi Taiwo, the organization's chief executive officer, declared that the company was devoted to fostering a community of safe, borderless employees in addition to helping people find their next job.

"We want these people to accomplish the things they are enthusiastic about while working in good health, receiving the appropriate assistance, timely rewards, and fulfillment for their efforts, as well as actually creating wealth," he said.

"Despite the 'Japa' syndrome,' for our clients, it can't simply be about employing and managing talent; they also need to obtain value for every dollar spent on personnel and expand their businesses and our economy.

The biggest challenge businesses have is finding the proper personnel. Employees are a company's most valuable resource, and without them, the enterprise would inevitably fail.

He continued by saying that the event also serves the community and serves as a representation of the organization.

This event's theme is "seeing similar people in creative and technology doing stuff, it gives you think that you are not alone."

Inspiring freelancers, addressing freelance market anxieties, and dispelling the myth that freelancing is not sustainable were the objectives of #BeyondWork by Terawork, a brand that cares about its community. They did this by sharing stories of greatness in the field.

Source: Vanguardngr

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