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The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) President, Mr. Ayuba Wabba, has urged the Federal Government to start paying the country's health workers' hazard allowances right away.

Wabba made the announcement on Thursday in Abuja during the National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives' (NANNM) annual FCT Nurses Week/Scientific Workshop for 2022.

"Invest in Nursing and respect Rights to Secure Global Health," is the workshop's theme.

The allowance has been reviewed, according to Wabba, but payment has not yet started.

Many medical professionals have contracted illnesses while caring for patients. I salute the nurses and midwives; they will receive rewards both in heaven and on earth. To provide Nigerians with high-quality healthcare, I implore you to learn.

"Hazard allowance payments will raise the morale of our nation's health staff."

The COVID-19 epidemic brought attention to the crucial role played by nurses, he said, paying respect to those who lost their lives trying to stop the COVID-19 pandemic by saving lives.

"Midwives and nurses are the smile of life. All Nigerians hold special spaces in their hearts for them.

They also hold a very significant place in every nation's healthcare system. Without nurses, there is no future for the healthcare industry.

"You are the lifeblood of the healthcare system; being a nurse requires a mother's heart and compassion. This is the heart that must characterize our healthcare industry, he remarked.

Malam Mohammed Bello, Minister of the FCT, was praised by the speaker for paying medical personnel on time.

Wabba said that nurses should be paid more because "a worker who is hungry cannot give appropriate health services."

Bello praised the importance nurses play in the healthcare system in his speech.

"Nurses should be the model of compassion. Bello stated that in order to develop the health system, they must be supported and protected.

He praised the FCT nurses' contribution to the COVID-19 pandemic and stated, "For this, we remain eternally grateful."

He added that FCT would continue to support the welfare of our healthcare providers, noting that nurses and other health professionals had remained in the forefront of the fight against malaria, chicken pox, and other health challenges.

The chairman of the House Committee on Health Services, Rep. Yusuf Sununu, also made a demand for improved ties between doctors and nurses in the healthcare industry, calling it as crucial to achieving global health.

He expressed dismay that more than 1,700 nurses had fled the nation in search of what he called "greener pastures" and praised those who had chosen to remain and support the national healthcare system.

He asked nurses to treat patients with respect and urged patients to return the favor, noting that some patients were unhappy with the treatment they received in hospitals and "stated they would rather die at home than in the hospital."

"Words heal faster than medicine, so it will bode well if we can change the way we think about patients.

The National President of NANNM, Mr. Nnachi Michael, stated that the nurses work in a highly challenging environment, which is why they frequently discuss brain drain.

He warned that the health sector would collapse if nothing was done to reverse the trend and urged the federal government to allocate 15% of the annual national budget to the sector.

He demanded that nurses receive welfare-related compensation and remuneration.

The congressman demanded an enhanced compensation package for employees by allocating 70% of the consolidated wage to stop brain drain.

He claimed that although nurses are kind and modest, their burden tends to harm them because they are also people, and that providing additional incentives will lessen brain drain.

source: vanguardngr

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