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Okey Sokay, a gospel music sensation from Nigeria, urges people to "be cautious about the things you use because they effect your life" in his latest album, "Declaration."

Okey Sokay is not only a singer but also a software engineer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and audio engineer. He has been referred to as a "true embodiment of multifacetedness," and he claims that with his years spent in music as a career, many other things are gradually taking root in him.

The multi-talented singer, who is also a pastor at Charis Family International Church in Lagos, was moved to write the songs by his relationships with the Holy Spirit, he said when asked where he got his inspiration for his new album, "Declaration," which was released in tandem with an e-book titled "Declaration Devotional."

A man's stomach will be satiated with the fruit of his lips; he will be satisfied with the result of his words, he claimed, quoting from the Book of Proverbs. According to Okey Sokay, "Every human must be careful of what they utter with their mouths," our Words have the power to create our destiny and transform our lives because words are alive. Those who love it and indulge in it will reap its benefits and endure the repercussions of their words.

"Jesus' statements in John 6:63 give a greater comprehension of the concept that words are spirit and life," the speaker remarked. All of the lyrics on the album were inspired by this realization.

"Be careful with your words since they have an impact on your life. Speak vitality into your existence. The power of the tongue has the ability to change one's fate, so choose your words carefully. Speak vitality into your existence. Sing life into your life, commanded Okey Sokay.

Talented musicians like Naffy Mar from the UK, Limoblaze from the UK, and Marizu from Nigeria and the UK were featured on the album released by Oyel Planet Music. The songs were mixed and mastered by Sokay Mix and were made available on all digital streaming services including Apple Music, Spotify, Boomplay, Mdundo, and others.

Okay Sokay, a brilliant gospel performer of exceptional caliber, was born Okechukwu Okey in Lagos, Nigeria, in the 1980s to Emmanuel and Elfrida Onya Ejim. Okay Sokay claims he grew up in a musical household because his mother sang in the neighborhood church choir.

He claims, "I was exposed to professional music at a very young age, playing drums for the well-known late gospel musician, Ibro John, in the late '90s, and also as a member of a popular children's chorus from the local church, touring the country.

Then, he claimed, he got a unique opportunity to perform and minister to large crowds on some of Nigeria's biggest stages.

His previous works include the albums "Renew," which will be released in 2021, "Oyel Ep," "The Transition Live," "The Transition," which will also be released in 2019, "The Transition," another album that will be released that year, "The Transition," "Revealed," which was released in 2016, and "Without You," an EP that will be released in 2014.

Okey Sokay has also received praise from fans for being a gospel artist known for his "uplifting melodies, powerful inspiring lyrics, and the unquestionable presence his music carries and conveys, heralding his arrival into the scene of gospel music as successful, pure, fresh, original, and lifting with an amazing global impact which has earned him some serious acknowledgement and recognition in the minds of many across the globe."

A few of the hit songs he mentioned include "Good," "Overwhelming Love," "Oke Nla-Nla," "I Belong," "OYEL," "HSKT," "Aka," "Takeover," Yanga," and "Life." The gospel musician claimed that "my relationship with Jesus and testimonies have inspired songs like, "Good," "Overwhelming Love," "I Belong," "OYEL," "HSKT," "Aka," "Takeover," Yanga," and

Other notable local and foreign musicians with whom Okay Sokay has collaborated well include Travis Grene, Phil Thompson, Israel Houghton, Tim Godfrey, Eben, Nikki Laoye, Provabs, Mike Abdul (of the Midnight crew), KingzKid (Ghana), ESAIAS (Ghana), Giftberries, and others.

The songs on the "Declarations" album and the "Declarations Devotionals" are the result of a place of fellowship with God, study of God's word, and revelation from the Holy Spirit. These activities revealed the understanding of the power in our tongue in accordance with the verses in Proverbs 18:20–21 and John 6:63.

Okey Sokay exclaimed, "I trust and believe God that as you listen, soak up, worship, praise, and dance while making these "Declarations" through the songs on the "Declarations" album and "Devotional," you speak life to all that concerns your life and your world and you see the changes come to pass quickly in Jesus name.

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