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 Goat And Rooster Save The Day When Their Friend Was Attacked By A Hawk

It is always good to have friends that have your back and this is exactly what was portrayed in a viral clip featuring a rooster and a goat, who rescued a chicken being attacked by a hawk.

Jaap Beets, a farmer in Netherlands’ Gelderland was busy working on his farmhouse when he heard a commotion from outside his livestock field. What was happening outside was as dramatic as it could be.

In a CCTV footage which has now gone viral, a chicken is seen roaming around in the farm when a goshawk suddenly attacks it. While the helpless chicken is unable to free itself from the clutches of the hawk, it soon receives help from a rooster as the rest of the animals run around the farm to save themselves,

On seeing the hawk still holding onto the chicken, a brown goat joins the rescue and after struggling for a couple of moments, the two are able to free the bird and save its life.

Beets, who watched the footage on camera, told the Daily Mail that he was “proud of the rooster and goat” and also “relieved that the chicken survived”. Confirming that the chicken was safe, he added, “It took only 17 seconds between the appearance and disappearance of the hawk.”

Since being shared online, the clip video now has garnered 1.6m views, with netizens appreciating the bravery of the goat and the rooster. Some also shared similar experiences on the viral post.



  1. I remember back when I was young used to see hawk prey on our chicken, but then our dogs always come to the rescue. This is the first time to see a goat. Brilliant.

  2. In this story it seems that the goat and dog are also powerful like a hawk..

  3. The goat and the dog a strong than the hawk

  4. The goat and the dog they are strong than the hawk


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