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DPR 2021/2022 Recruitment Application Portal Form Update

Are you interested in working in the oil sector of the economy? Department of Petroleum Resource (DPR) is one of the best places to work. The Department of Petroleum Resources recruitment (DPR) recruitment is here again. And this time it is the 2021/2022 edition. Ensure you read through as we show you practical steps on how to apply.

DPR 2021/2022 RecruitmentPrincipal Aim of DPR

The Petroleum Resources Management Department (PRMD) is mandated to ensure that oil and gas resources are managed in such a manner that enables efficient and cost effective delivery to government revenue.

DPR 2021/2022 Recruitment General Requirement and Qualifications

Applicants are required to meet the following conditions; A. Any candidate who has satisfied all the conditions for employment will be selected, assessed and considered as a good prospect for employment in the DPR. B. Any candidate who has been successful in the preliminary screening and cleared through the preliminary screening/qualifying examination will be considered for the interview and recruitment. C. Any candidate who has been successful in the first round of interview and clearance process will be considered for the recruitment process. 2. There will be only one chance for candidates to go for the interview/re-screening process.

Application Procedure

The application portal for the Department of Petroleum Resources recruitment 2019/2020 will be available online in late November or early December 2018. The application portal is going to be officially activated on November 30, 2018, that is by next week. You can create an account and apply for the job with your Facebook account.

\Interested applicants must have a valid Facebook account. You can learn how to create an account from this link. After creating the account, you must click on the application portal link. You will be asked to enter basic details like your name, email, telephone number, and other information relevant to the job application. The information you are required to enter is provided below.

Important Point to Note about DPR recruitment

Important points to note before you apply for recruitment into DPR include: Applicants are not a priority on the list The DPR recruitment process is thorough, fair and transparent DPR does not pick favorites DPR is equal opportunity employer Requirements for DPR Recruitment In fact, even the most fit and well-structured applicants may be unable to secure employment. What qualifications are needed to be considered for DPR employment? There are several requirements for recruitment into DPR.

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