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CBN Recruitment 2021/2022 Check Application Portal

So have you been dreaming of working in the Central Bank of Nigeria? If yes, then this is an opportunity for you. We know you won’t let it grow wings and fly away. CBN Recruitment 2021 starting date has been announced.

About CBN Recruitment 2021

Some basic details regarding CBN Recruitment, you need to know: CBN Recruitment Application Portal Apply online at this CBN website with a valid email ID. However, it is only suitable for males; your gender must be male. CBN Recruitment Summary Interested applicants must be between 18 and 35 years. Students between 18 and 30 years are not eligible. There is a minimum educational requirement for all applicants.

But other requirements are clearly stated on the CBN website. As you can see from the CBN website, there is no doubt you can apply to work at the CBN as an Adjunto Member. You must be an alumnus of any of the IITA COT, CHISAN, IPEN, KOICA, and NAMS etc. or have completed either a Bachelor’s Degree or a Master’s Degree from a recognized university.

What is the Central Bank of Nigeria?

The Central Bank of Nigeria is a policy making body that has its apex in Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory. It is the highest monetary policy making body in Nigeria. It is the body responsible for setting monetary policies that determines interest rates of money market in Nigeria. It also supervises the Bank of Industry, the Bank of Agriculture and the National Information Technology Development Agency. Here are the important work the CBN has done in the last two decades.

Here is how you apply to be part of it. CBN Recruitment Application Portal For a prospective candidate who has never applied for the CBN Recruitment before, don’t worry, you have landed here at the right place. Here is where you can go to register your interest and apply to the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Application Procedure:

CBN has a notification page for your convenience where you can learn more information about the roles and responsibilities as well as obtain all the required forms to complete the application process online. Click here to visit the website.

How To Apply

In a new website made accessible to you, applicants will have a platform on which to fill the online form. The CBN has also shared details on what is expected in the application form. The form is already available on the website (, on different pages. You can use the e-mail option to download the form on the website. Do remember, this can’t be an email sent to you from a third party.

The call up number for CBN’s recruitment portal is +234 7037057651. On your part, we urge you to follow these instructions to begin your application. Pick the application form and any other details you would like to see before you can begin your application process. You need to send a scanned picture of yourself and your passport size photograph. You must send this as an attachment.


Make sure you know the complete details below before making any calls or applying to the CBN recruitment portal. How to Apply for the CBN Recruitment 2017:

Step 1: Login with the below form:

Step 2: Put your details on the form

Step 3: Fill in the application form. Click submit. You will receive an email confirmation when your application is successfully submitted. Make sure you check your email.

Here is a list of instructions to fill in the form:

Step 1: Enter your contact address (Your email address)

Step 2: Select the JAMB State you want to apply. Make sure it’s the one you live in. It should be e-mail address. Don’t enter your phone number.

Step 3: Then click submit

Step 4: Fill in your contact details

Step 5: Logout of the page.


Keep a copy of the information you entered.

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